Pop Divas as Starbucks Frappuccinos



Frappuccinos are a summer staple at Starbucks. Everyone rushes to the nearest Starbucks for these cool sugary drinks. And as a barista I may loathe making frapps I can’t deny that they are refreshing and delicious. But what could possibly make these high-in-calorie delectable treats better? By adding a little pop!  Being the stellar barista and pop culture enthusiast I am, I came up with six special frappuccinos based on today’s biggest pop divas. They are all equally sweet and amazing so you better try them all. Enjoy!

Flawless Frappuccino



Java Chip Frappuccino
2 pumps Caramel
Dark Caramel California style
top with whipped cream and extra caramel drizzle

This frappuccino is based on the one and only Beyonce. It features mocha sauce and java chips too accent Beyonce’s sweet and mothering side, but also the delectable caramel syrup brings out Queen Bey’s fierce diva persona. The dark caramel represents Beyonce’s caramel skin and honey coloured hair. Drinking this frappuccino will instantly make you into the flawless HBIC, just like Bey herself.

It’s Britney, Frapp!


Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
add White mocha sauce

This frapp is dedicated to the legendary Britney Spears. While this frapp may seem a little uncomplicated, it is a simple and sweet treat just like Britney. The vanilla bean powder is a homage to Britney’s early days in her catholic school uniform and pig tails. While the white mocha adds to her more wild “Madonna kissing” side. Britney has been through a lot throughout her career but she has proven to be an indestructible Queen, loving mother, and pop goddess, and thus deserves to be immortalized in frappuccino form. Plus Ms Spears is a huge fan of vanilla and frappucinos. She’s basically the patron saint of Starbucks.

California Girl Frapp



Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
Raspberry syrup

This is more popularly known as the cotton candy frappucino, but it best describes the sweet and bubbly Katy Perry. Whether she’s a teenage dream or ready to roar, Katy is always fun, fresh, and fierce. This drink is perfect for driving around with your best friends blasting some off Katy’s top hits. This beautiful pink drink is the perfect match for this California girl.

Bad Gal RiRi Frapp



Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino
Add Orange Mango juice
Sub Peach syrup instead of Classic

We all know that Rihanna is the baddest bitch in the game and while this drink may be sweet don’t be fooled. Just like RiRi this drink has a punch. This fruity drink pays respect to Rihanna’s Barbados roots. The sweet strawberry juice mixed with orange mango juice plus the peach syrup makes the perfect tropical drink. For an added bonus you can try adding coconut syrup. One sip and you’ll swear you were riding on a yacht off the coast of Barbados with Rihanna herself. Bitch better have Rihanna’s money, and you better have this frapp.


Starbucks Lovers Frappuccino



Strawberry and Cream Frappuccino
Add Vanilla Bean

Taylor Swift is America’s sweetheart and this frapp is just as perfect, angelic, and wonderful as she is. Nothing goes better together like starberry and vanilla. It’s the perfect mix of wholesome with a tad sass, just like Taylor. This drink is for all the Starbucks lovers.

Bangerz Frapp



White Mocha Frappuccino
Add Raspberry Syrup
Add chips

Miley Cyrus is Hollywood’s biggest rebel. She has a zero fucks given attitude and just can’t be stopped. This frapp will make you as care-free and rebellious as the Miley herself. The white mocha base stems from Miley’s southern upbringing. The pink from the raspberry syrup is a little homage to her Hannah Montana days while the chocolate chips shows her more recent rebel nature. This frapp is sweet and delicious and will definitely make you wag your tongue and twerk uncontrollably.

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