Calling All The Gays

For the past 23 years there’s been nothing I wanted more than having a boyfriend. I know how pathetic that sounds; me pining over some imaginary perfect guy. But I am a romantic at heart. I may be cynical at times but I believe in heart-racing, palm sweating, weak-in-the-knees love. I blame Nicholas Sparks and Disney movies.

However, I have come to the realization that my quest for a boyfriend is kind of pointless. I’ve been focusing all this energy and time trying to find a nice guy to date but I should be focusing on other things. This summer I’ve realized that more than anything I want more friends. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not some friendless loser who stays home all day playing online video games. I have friends; pretty great friends. But like Ariel in my favorite movie The Little Mermaid, I want more. To be more specific I want more gay friends.

Whenever I am in a turning point in my life I turn to one of my idols Taylor Swift. Over the past two years Taylor has shifted her attention from boys and focused more on her friendships. Taylor has created strong bonds with her friends proving that you don’t need a man in your life when you have great friends.

Now I do have a couple gay friends and a really great GBF (his name’s Elias, I’m sure he’ll pop up again in this blog.) I love hanging out with Elias, and we get up to a bunch of shit, but I want a group of genuine guy friends. Imagine Taylor Swift and her friends except gay. A gay squad of my own.

I’ve scoured Instagram and seen all these great pics of young gays having fun and enjoying life. I want that. I want a group of fun guys that I can sit around drinking vodka sodas, laughing, and throwing shade at others with. I love all my friends but I think finding a group of gays will be good for me. It’ll allow me to be more open and outgoing. I’ve had trouble being social in the past, and I believe having more gays in my life will definitely help that. I just need a group of hot flashy gays to chill with. Taylor spent her time crafting friendships with strong women and now she’s dating Calvin Harris. So in theory if I focus on my gay squad then I’ll find my Calvin Harris. So if there are any gays out there looking for an adorable, sassy, fashionable young guy with flawless eyebrows I am your man. Hit me up boys.

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