The Ultimate Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Male Leads


There’s no denying that Taylor Swift is taking over the music industry. From her amazing album sales, sold out concerts, and A-lister duets, she is one of music’s top stars. But lately Taylor is stepping up her music video game. With the release of her album 1989 Taylor has been changing her music video style. Perhaps it’s the addition of director Joseph Khan to her team, but Taylor’s last few videos have been totally iconic. Now don’t get me wrong Taylor has always had amazing music videos, but she’s reaching a whole new level of iconic. Bad Blood music video anyone? But the majority of Taylor’s video have a common denominator. The mostly feature a young attractive male lead. Whether they’re cheating on her or buying her flowers Taylor knows how to cast a hottie in her music video. And after spending the last 2 hours watching non-stop Taylor Swift music videos I’ve decided to rank all Taylor’s onscreen lovers. Because I’m more than qualified to rank hot boys.

15. I Knew You Were Trouble

This lanky bad boy takes the last spot on the list because he clearly corrupted Taylor. She used be such a sweet nice girl, now she’s going to raves, playing on train tracks, which is very unsafe, and chilling in a junk yard. What did you do to Taylor?


14. White Horse

Yes Stephen Colletti will always have a special place in our hearts (Laguna Beach 4ever!) but his character in the video was a real jerk. He makes Taylor fall in love with him and then has the nerve to cheat on her and expect her to take him back. Nice try Stephen.

white horse

13. Picture To Burn 

Sure this guy looks like an Abercrombie model but unfortunately looks aren’t everything. And not letting Taylor drive your truck puts you on the losing end of this list.


12. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together 

This guy is the definition of a douche. Sure he didn’t cheat on Taylor but she could do so much better. There’s a reason Taylor’s never ever getting back with him, like ever. Perhaps it’s the fact that he doesn’t listen when she talks, or still uses a payphone. Or maybe it’s the fact that he uses more hair product than her.


11. Teardrops on My Guitar 

Okay so Tyler Hilton isn’t really a douchebag in the video. It’s not his fault he doesn’t reciprocate Taylor’s feelings. But shame on you for choosing some other basic girl over Taylor. She cried tears on her guitar for you.


10. Begin Again

So now we’ve made it through all the cheaters and jerks on the list and can start ranking the good guys. So the Begin Again guy could be ranked higher, I mean he is pretty cute. But he’s just so boring. They literally just go on a Starbucks date. I’ve had Friday nights alone with Netflix more exciting than this.

begin again

9. Back To December 

This pretentious hipster is just annoying. I realize this is the only video where Taylor is at fault but this guy just irks me. It’s the middle of December wear a proper jacket. I know you must be cold.


8. Style 

What can I say about this video? I mean does anything even happen in it? This Harry Styles wannabe is nothing special. Sure he looks cute but so do all the guys in Taylor’s videos. He may have that “James Dean daydream look in his eyes” but he just puts me to sleep.


7. Blank Space

Sean O’Pry is one of Taylor’s hottest music video beaus and it saddens me to see him so low on this list. Sean is everything a girl can ask for: model good looks, incredible style, and he’s obviously has a big bank account. But sadly Sean did something to make Queen Taylor go psycho. It’s such a shame. We were all rooting for you Sean.


6. Tim McGraw 

This Hollister model may seem perfect but Taylor could do so much better. Yes they watch the stars in the back of his truck and frolic in a meadow but Taylor is over her hometown country boy phase. Sorry bud.

tim mcgraw

5. Love Story 

This Romeo is gorgeous, minus those sideburns, but they were trying to accurately represent the time period so we’ll forgive you. But Romeo was just nice to look at that’s about it. We don’t really get a sense of his personality just that he likes to pick cherries at night and run in a field.

love story

4. You Belong With Me 

Don’t we all wish we had a hot neighbour like this Lucas Till? He’s a football star, prom king and a nice guy. He almost seems too good to be true. Where was this guy when I was in high school?


3. Wildest Dreams

Scott Eastwood and Taylor are actual perfection. Sorry Calvin Harris but they make the perfect couple. Can we just take a moment to take in that sex scene? Oh Dios Mio! And he really is so tall and handsome as hell. But Scott how could you take another girl to the premiere? Taylor did not deserve that. Bye Felicia.


2. Ours 

Taylor casting Zach Gilford aka Matt Saracen as her male lead was the best decision ever. He is just perfect and him and Taylor are amazing together. Plus he’s in the military and looks good in camo wear. If only he was featured more in the video.


1. Mine

The Mine guy is literally the whole package. Cute, successful, and treats Taylor like a queen.  Yes they had that fight at 2 am but he went running after her. And how cute were their little blonde babies. Adorbs


Everything Has Changed 

Okay so I know Ed Sheeran isn’t really the romantic lead in the video but it’s Ed Sheeran so the video gets honorable mention.


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