Possible Guests for Taylor Swift’s 1989 Toronto Show

courtesy of Taylor Swift

courtesy of Taylor Swift

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you’ve probably heard Taylor Swift’s iconic, life-changing album 1989. For the past five months Swift has been touring her album around the world. Now while Swift touring is already huge news, what makes this tour really newsworthy is that she has been bringing out special guests for every show. Swift has gone through her address book of A-listers and called upon her squad to be surprise guests at her shows. Now the thing with her special guests is that they’re totally unpredictable. From musicians to actors, models, and even athletes, everyone is welcome on Taylor’s stage. Some of her recent guests include Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Selena Gomez, Fetty Wap, Leona Lewis, and the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team. See, they’re completely random ranging from age group, demographic, and genre, proving that Taylor Swift is truly a masterful performer. Now after seeing post after post on Swift’s Instagram account she is finally bringing her tour to Toronto this Friday October 2 and Saturday October 3. And of course like the loyal Swiftie I am, I will be attending her Friday show. Now while I am extremely excited to see Queen Taylor belting out her infamous songs, I am intrigued to see who she will bring as her guests. She’s already had a handful of performers grace her stage, so it will be interesting to see who the next chosen one is. Plus Toronto is home to a wide variety of talent so Taylor has a lot to choose from.

We all know Drake is the official ambassador of Toronto so it makes perfect sense that the King of Toronto and the Princess of Pop perform together. I’m not sure what kind of on stage chemistry the two would have but how could Taylor have a show in Toronto and not invite Drake? I can totally see Taylor running through the six with her woes.

Photo courtesy of HollywoodLife

Photo courtesy of HollywoodLife

Alessia Cara
Alessia Cara is quickly becoming one of the biggest rising stars of 2015 with her single Here. And there’s nothing Swift loves more than praising new talent. Cara is originally from Toronto which makes her the perfect guest for Swift’s Toronto shows. Plus Swift and Cara are already on BFF status. Back in July Cara covered Swift’s hit “Bad Blood” and Swift herself tweeted her approval. Congratulations Cara, a tweet from Taylor officially makes you a member of her squad.

The Weeknd
The Weekend is quickly becoming one of the hip hop industry biggest stars. His song Can’t Feel My Face can be argued as the song of the summer and his new song The Hills is climbing the charts. His album Beauty Behind The Madness debuted at number one and is the only album this year to stay three weeks at number one since Swift own 1989 album. Swift and The Weeknd have already performed together, but it would be nice to see the two perform together on his home turf.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas is already used to the 1989 Tour stage when he was Swift’s guest back in July. Jonas is scheduled to perform Saturday October 3 at the Phoenix Performing Centre in Toronto. Now while that means Saturday night concert goers will have to miss Nick Jonas serenading the crowd with his song Jealous that means his Friday night is open, and can definitely visit the ACC and surprise everyone.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen is the Queen of catchy pop songs. And there’s nothing Taylor Swift loves more than awkwardly dancing to a catchy song. Jepsen was recently in Toronto for WE Day so it makes sense that she might stop by the Friday show. I can totally see Taylor and Carly belting out Call Me, Maybe or I Really Like You.

Hailee Steinfeld
You may remember Hailee Steinfeld as the Holy Trinity in the Bad Blood music video. Swift and Steinfeld are already BFFs and would make the perfect 1989 Tour guest. Steinfeld has already shared the stage with Swift back in July but she did not perform. Steinfeld currently has a hit single Love Myself which makes her the perfect surprise guest. Now while Steinfeld is currently in London it’s only an 8 hour flight to Toronto.

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Swift' Instagram

Photo Courtesy of Taylor Swift’ Instagram









Justin Bieber
So Bieber and Swift don’t have the best relationship ever since him and Selena Gomez ended their relationship. However Bieber is making a big comeback and has two hit songs out right now, so Taylor would be dumb to not invite the Canadian pop star to her show.

Okay so I know this is a long shot and will probably never happen but a boy can dream.

Taylor Swift's Instagram

Taylor Swift’s Instagram

Madonna brings her Rebel Heart Tour to Toronto on October 5th, two days after Swift’s concert. The two have performed together in May 2015 at the iHeartRadio Festival. And Swift credits Madonna as an influencer for her album so it would be amazing if they performed together. Plus Madonna admitted they previously had plans to perform together but it fell through. Can you imagine the Queen of Pop and the new Princess of Pop singing “Like a Prayer” together.

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