9 Things That Happen at Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour

courtesy of Taylor Swift

courtesy of Taylor Swift


Four days ago I was lucky enough to spend two and a half glorious hours with the legendary Taylor Swift. Now granted there was 50 thousand other people there too, but that’s not the point. Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour was a life changing experience. It has taken me three days to properly digest the slayage. 1989 Tour is the perfect pop tour. It’s everything you’d ever need in a concert. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll shake it off with your besties. Taylor Swift is a goddess and this tour is worth every penny. Here’s everything that happened when Taylor took the stage. Warning may contain spoilers.

You Travel To New York

It’s been about two years since Taylor first made the bold move of moving to New York City. The city, like it does for most people, changed her. The city helped influence her music and her new independent attitude. Taylor pays homage to the city that never sleeps by dedicating her tour to it. New York City plays backdrop for the entire tour. The skyline and monuments are featured for the majority of the show. The whole show is a giant love letter to New York.

Get Transported Back To The 80s

Well if the name of the tour wasn’t obvious enough Taylor transports us all back to the 80s. But not the cheesy acid wash jeans, jelly bracelets, and poofy crimped hair 80s. Taylor classes up the 80s with colourful sparkly outfits and neon graphics. 1989 was heavily influenced by 80s pop and this tour lives up to it’s name. It’s the best of the 80s with a nice modern twist.

Receive Great Relationship Advice

Taylor takes a break from singing to talk to the crowd and provide the audience with some of the wisdom she’s acquired over her 25 years of life. Taylor discusses her favourite topic love, and all the feelings and emotions one feels when they’re heartbroken. Mama Taylor lets us all know it’s okay to give our trust to people, and we will survive when they let us down. Seriously this is probably the best relationship advice I’ve ever received.

Slaylor Swift Appears

1989 brings a new Taylor era. Gone is her curly hair and frilly dresses and now we welcome the new and mature Taylor. This new Taylor wears sexy outfits and exudes confidence. Taylor has a whole new attitude. She struts that stage like she is in the bottom two and fighting for her life on America’s Next Top Model. Taylor has officially become Slaylor Swift.

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Taylor Swift Becomes a Dancing Queen

Taylor Swift has never been known for her stellar dancing ability. Who could forget her awkward award show dance moves? Well, considering the 1989 tour is a full blown pop music tour, Taylor had to up her dancing skills. She’s still the awkward dancing queen we know and love, but now she’s added a few more dance moves.


Still Acoustic Taylor

Now while this is a pop tour, Taylor still stays true to her country roots. Half way through the show Taylor ditches the backup dancers and sparkly skirts and just sings acoustically with her keyboard and guitar. It’s the old Taylor Swift we all fell in love with.


Treated to Special Guests

Taylor is making it her mission to make sure she has one of the most memorable tours of all times. This means she’s bringing special guests to all her shows. I may have been wrong with who she’d bring to her Toronto shows, which proves that there’s really no predicting who could walk on that stage.

Male Backup Dancers

Taylor’s backup dancers are extremely talented. But more important than that they’re gorgeous. Unlike other tours Taylor interestingly has only male dancers. Maybe it’s all part of her feminist attitude, showing off male dancers as opposed to other concerts that feature females in revealing outfits? Or maybe she just wants to show off some delicious eye candy. Either way I approve.

photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

photo courtesy of Taylor Swift

The Most Fun You’ll Have 

Believe me when I say this is probably the most fun you can have on a Friday night. I danced, I sang, I teared up, and I fan grilled like crazy. I’m pretty sure a six year old girl is scarred from my loud screeching, but it was worth it. Taylor puts on an amazing show, and if you get the chance you should definitely go see her.

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