16 Times Priyanka Chopra Totally Slayed at Life



After spending a weekend binge watching Quantico, (a show you must all watch, seriously it’s amazing) I can now say I am officially obsessed with Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka is everything in this world. She’s a gorgeous and talented singer and actress who conquered Bollywood, and now has her eyes set on Hollywood. After being named Miss World in 2000 she went on to star in over 40 films and is now the lead actress on ABC’s Quantico. Not only is she beautiful she is both a feminist and humanitarian.  What more can you ask in a person? Priyanka Chopra is a flawless queen, representing my beautiful brown girls and makes me proud to be Indian.

1  The time she gave everyone serious hair envy.


Seriously, is her whole life a Pantene commercial?


2. Made dancing next to Pitbull look hot.

3. When she was the ultimate Desi Girl and had these three guys drooling over her.

4. When she was on a Pepsi can.

your fave could never.


5. When she starred in Mary Kom the biographical boxing film.

Those guns though.


6. She has the fleekest eyebrows ever, second only to mine.



7. When she broke racial stereotypes in Hollywood.


8. Did “Kylie Jenner Lips” better than Kylie Jenner.

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#PoolSideSwag #CaliforniaLove

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9. The time she became the first South Asian actress ever to headline an American drama series.



10. When she looked like a total badass with a gun.



11. The time she shut down this racist.



13. She was the literal definition of flawless.

courtesy of magzneto.tumblr.com

courtesy of magzneto.tumblr.com

14. Did more chin-ups than I can probably do in my entire life.


15. Proved that Indian girls do it better.



16. Was a total goddess.



Keep on slaying Priyanka!


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