Disney Princesses As Britney Spears



If you think that Cosmopolitan Magazine is just good for sex tips and ways to please your man, well you’re wrong. They’re also in the business of making dreams come true. Well at least my dreams. The wonderful people at Cosmopolitan have come up with the brilliant concept of imagining Disney Princesses as Britney Spears. That’s right, Disney Princesses as the Princess of Pop. Why has this never been done before. Cosmopolitan Magazine teamed up with artist Isaiah Stephens to pay homage to Britney’s amazing and iconic career. Each Disney Princess is drawn different Britney eras. As a devout Disney fan and preacher of Godney I am all for this. Thank you Cosmopolitan for these truly iconic pieces of art.

1. Cinderella as Baby One More Time-ney 


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

Oh baby baby!

2. Pocahontas as Britney’s Lolita inspired Rolling Stones cover.


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

3. Ariel as Oops! I did It Again


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan


4. Rapunzel, Belle, and Snow White recreating the cinematic masterpiece Crossroads


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

5. Sisters Anna and Elsa as two of Britney’s greatest personas Toxic-ney


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan


Intoxicate me now.

6. Sleeping Beauty and Maleficent as the jaw-dropping Britney/Madonna kiss of 2003


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

7.  Mulan as Work Bitch


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

You Better Work Mulan.

8. Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen as the denim Britney and Justin Timberlake.


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

9.  Jasmine as Slave For You-ney.


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan

YAAAS! Work that snake girl.

10. And finally Belle as X-Factor Judge-ney


Isaiah Stephens/ Cosmopolitan


6 thoughts on “Disney Princesses As Britney Spears

  1. These are awesome! I saw Britney in concert in Vegas last year. Love her! It was pretty amazing to see her live (except her wigs…her wig stylist needs to be fired. even from the 20th row they looked awful).


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