How I Became A Selena Gomez Fan

Confession time: I’ve never really considered myself to be a big Selena Gomez fan. Yes, I watched every episode of Wizards of Waverly Place and I danced along to “Come and Get It”, but I never really cared for Selena. Yes, she’s beautiful and charismatic but I just thought she was kind of bland. I used to laugh when people would call her Selegend Gomez. Because really she ain’t no legend. But now I am laughing at myself. However, as much as I tried to ignore it, I am officially a Selena Gomez fan.

Whenever I thought of Selena Gomez I just thought “Meh”. I’m not denying her incredible acting skills and comedic timing; she was seriously gold on Wizards of Waverly Place. But when I came to singing, I looked the other way. I found her music to be catchy and fun, but she was always just another Disney Channel singer. I really didn’t see any longevity to her singing career. Similar to her fellow Disney Channel stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale I thought she would abandon singing and focus her energy on acting, where she truly excelled. Boy was I wrong.


Over the years Selena kept churning out pop hit after hit. And which each song, video, photo shoot, and interview I slowly began easing up to the pop star. I mean how could anyone dislike this sweet angel. Watch any interview with her and you can see her light up the screen. She is just so darn likeable. So this is me, Evan Michael De Souza formally admitting I was wrong and giving my apologies to Selena Gomez and her fans.

The biggest factor for my conversion into the church of Gomez was her most recent album Revival. While I don’t really know what she’s trying to revive, I must say the album is a solid pop album. She definitely knows how to create decent pop music. And may I say, I am all for this grown up sexy look with this album. Selena has successfully matured in front of our eyes, blending the gap between child star and sex goddess. Kudos to you Selena.


Most recently Selena appeared as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live. While New York City was weathering the cold, Selena heated up the stage with two sultry performances. First she performed a medley of her current hits “Good For You” and “Same Old Love”. While the performance lacked theatrics, Selena still brings the sultry with her beautiful black cut-out dress and man meat. Never have I wanted to wear a black turtleneck and snap my fingers in the background more.


Next Selena really brings the sexy during her performance of my new car song “Hands to Myself”. Seriously guys this song is everything. It’s perfect to play in the background when you’re getting frisky with a gentleman, but you can also jam out to it in the club. In the performance, like the music video, Selena sings while on a bed and then has a quasi-threesome. Get it girl!

While many people are criticizing her vocals, let’s be real. The girl has talent. “Hands to Myself” is hard to sing live cause of the breathiness in her voice. Obviously Selena isn’t as vocally talented as Taylor Swift, Adele, or even friend Demi Lovato. But we shouldn’t diminish her talent. The girl can sing and makes fun sexy pop songs and that’s all I need. So cheers to you Selegend Gomez, keep on slaying.


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