It’s Here! Zayn Malik Drops His New Music Video

It’s been about 10 months since the world has heard the angelic voice of actual prince Zayn Malik. But thanks to a higher power that’s all changed.

After announcing his new single earlier this week, the former One Direction member finally released his new music video for “Pillowtalk”. The video is very dark and artsy, and while I don’t understand the symbolism behind the flashy lights and the flowers, it’s still pretty sensual and sexy. Malik cast real life girlfriend Gigi Hadid as his love interest in the video which makes it that much better.

Now with a song called “Pillowtalk” I was expecting something a little more sexual. I was thinking less clothes and more pillows. But nevertheless the video was still nice. I was expecting more from the song though. I imagined Zayn going for more of The Weeknd sound. But that being said, the more I listen to it the more I enjoy it. To be honest I’m just glad to have my brown prince back and making sweet music.

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