Who Really Released Rihanna’s Anti Album?

christopher polk/getty images.

christopher polk/getty images.

Earlier this week Rihanna released her highly anticipated album Anti digitally. And within two days the album went platinum proving that Rihanna is back to snatch your faves weaves. No one is safe. Although we are all ecstatic that we have new Riri songs to keep us satisfied, there’s something fishy about the whole album release.

Rihanna had spent a lot of time preparing for her album release. She even made an eight video teaser promoting the album. However the same day that Rihanna released her new song with Drake, the album mysteriously leaks on Jay Z’s music streaming site Tidal. So who leaked Rihanna’s album? Well, the internet has some interesting theories as to who the culprit could be.




Could Queen Bey really be behind the album releasing earlier?

Maybe it was a family affair?






Now this doesn’t really have anything to do with Rihanna’s album but I thought it was appropriate for the situation.

Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 1.05.24 PM

LMFAO, now I don’t think Beyoncé is actually this petty. But it’s funny how the internet is reacting to Anti’s premature release.  Regardless who released the album let’s just thank them for finally giving us the Rihanna music we have been craving for so long.


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