Britney Spears Describes Her Perfect Man


Just when you thought Britney Spears couldn’t get anymore perfect she does this.

The legendary Princess of Pop just revamped her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas. After taking a month and a half long break from her concert, Britney is back with a remixed, reimagined, yet still iconic show. After switching up songs, adding new dance moves, and costume changes, Brit Brit is making her iconic show even better. But while Britney is making big changes to the show, there are still some aspects remaining.

The best part of any Britney Spears concert is when she goes off script and talks to the audience. Most recently Britney took time from slaying the entire city of Las Vegas to describe her perfect man to the audience. As part of the concert Britney looks for an lucky audience member to receive a special surprise. In the instantly iconic video, Britney is seen looking for “a hot nerd with a big penis.” Yes, Britney Spears uttered the words “hot nerd with a big penis”. This is the greatest thing to come out of Britney’s mouth since “Toxic”.

Clearly Britney was just looking for a Valentine. I mean aren’t we all just looking for a hot nerd with a big penis? I know I am. I hope you find your perfect man Britney, and if he has an equally hot nerd friend with a big penis, please send him my way.

We can add this request to the list of historic Britney Spears concert quotes. It goes right under Britney telling men to suck her fucking toe.

As always, keep on slaying Britney, or should I say Thirstney.



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