I Went To a Taylor Swift Themed Dance Party and It was Awesome

Sorry to my devoted readers for my abrupt absence for the past month. I was taking a break from the blog scene to focus on school and work, however much like Jesus rising from the tomb, I am back with more crazy stories and gossip. My most recent adventure was a Taylor Swift dance party I attended over the weekend. If you’ve read my previous posts you know I am a big T-Swift fan.

Lately there’s been a trend in Toronto for artist themed parties. In the past there have been Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlake themed dance parties. It’s basically a party where they predominately play that certain artist and any other singers related to them. So this past weekend MRG events had the brilliant idea of hosting a Taylor Swift themed party called Never Grow Up at Adelaide Hall. As an avid Swiftie I was like “hells yeah” I’m down to spend a night dancing to my girl Tay Tay, especially with presale tickets only being $5. $5 is a small price to pay for shaking it off to Taylor Swift.

Since I spontaneously bought my tickets months ago, I almost forgot about this party. Going into it I had a little reservations. I mean I haven’t been straight clubbing in months. And what does one wear to a Taylor Swift party? And to make matters worse, my resident T-Swizzle bestie ditched me this weekend. Luckily I had my cute Taylor Swift tank top, a plaid shirt and my friend Caitee as a date. I was ready to party. Let it be known that Caitee is not a Taylor Swift fan at all. So she earns extra best friend points for being such a trooper.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

photo: Evan De Souza

photo: Evan De Souza

photo: Evan De Souza

After having two days to thoroughly digest the night, I can honestly say this party was the most fun I had in a long time. Seriously, guys I had a blast. Upon entering the venue they give you complimentary pizza. Let that just sink in. FREE! PIZZA! My night was already made.

photo: Evan De Souza

photo: Evan De Souza

When I got to the party, fashionably late of course, it was still starting out. Balloons were floating around the venue with “TSWIFT” and “Never Grow Up” printed on them. There were even a couple “Kanye” balloons, but some devoted Swifties decided to vandalize them. Since I was mostly sober, I knew I had to fix that. So after  couple of vodka sodas and slices of pizza I was ready to get my dance on. The music was actual fire. The DJ was spinning all of Taylor’s hits even a couple unreleased tracks that only true T-Swift fans would know. He went through Taylor’s discography chronologically, dedicating each hour to her respective albums, leaving 1989 for the end. While I much prefer for the Taylor tracks to be mixed I can’t even lie he did a great job. The best part was that it wasn’t just Taylor Swift’s music. There was a nice mix of other artists related to Taylor. The DJ’s note said that he was playing songs from any of Taylor’s friends, enemies, and ex boyfriends. I absolutely loved it, mostly because they played Top 40 music, which is my absolute favourite. Bible, I went OFF. Luckily for you I Snapchatted my night, so I have all the embarrassing proof.

The crowd was lit. It mostly consisted of straight girls and gay guys – my kind of people. But there was also the token group of straight guys. Let me just say going to a Taylor Swift dance party is like the perfect place to meet girls. Straight boys listen up; when there’s an event where the crowd is mostly girls and gays you should definitely hit it up. Trust me there’s always a thirsty girl looking for a guy to hookup with. The best thing about Taylor Swift fans is that they’re all usually really nice and give zero fucks. Taylor herself is queen of awkward dancing and her fans learned from the best. Everyone was shaking it off- pun intended- jumping around, singing along to every song. The crowd was full of basics but that’s okay, because I was probably the most basic of them all.

One of the highlights of the night was the Kanye West piñata that was thrown into the crowd. After Kanye’s latest Taylor Swift “diss” it’s no surprise that the devoted Swifties ripped that piñata to shreds.

photo: Evan De Souza

photo: Evan De Souza


As someone who frequents clubs on a weekly basis I can say this event was amazing. I loved everything about it. The fact that I could just dance like a fool, gorge on free pizza, and even ogle a few hot boys made it all worth. Going to a Taylor Swift dance party was probably one of the most basic things I’ve ever done, but that’s fine. Sometimes you have to say “fuck it” and let your inner basic bitch out. I’m seriously hoping they host another party. I will be the first person to buy a ticket. Mostly for the free pizza though.

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