The Kim Kardashian-West Selfie Challenge

photo courtesy of Evan De Souza

photo courtesy of Evan De Souza

Okay Dolls, I know I’ve been away for a while, but trust me it’s worth it. One of favourite past times, aside from being fabulous and gorgeous, is recreating Kim Kardashian-West’s selfies. It’s something I’ve been doing for a year just for fun to give my Instagram followers a laugh. However, this past month I’ve taken my selfie game to the next level by taking the Kim Kardashian-West Selfie Challenge. After my bestie Caitee gave me the brilliant idea of doing a Kim K photo challenge, I knew I had to. So this past month I’ve been recreating a new Kim K selfie a day for an occasion I like to call KIMmay. To see all my iconic selfies follow me on Instagram: EvanMichael91 (yay for shameless self promotion).


Now you may be asking yourself why would I recreateKim Kardashian-West’s selfies? And my answer to you is simply, “why not?” Kim Kardashian-West is a pop culture icon. You can call her names, criticize her fame, fashion choices, and pro-nude values, but you can’t deny she is culture. She influences millions of people and is at the front lines of every major trend. And don’t forget she is an unbelievable businesswoman, role model, and mother. Kim is one of my many idols that I long to one day be like.

The real reason why I decided to recreate Kim’s selfie’s is because I identify with Kim. Sometimes I feel like I am Kim. Like Kim I am selfish, dramatic, the best looking member of my family, and ridiculously humble. But in all seriousness Kim is loyal and will do anything for her family, which is one of the many reasons I admire her. She may be perceived as being conceited and selfish, but I can relate. People believe that I am selfish, and while at times I may be, I know deep down that I am caring, just like Kim. While I may not have her work ethic yet, I believe Kim and I are cut from the same fabulous, couture cloth.


I am aware that Kim didn’t create selfies, but she helped revolutionize the concept. Kim’s selfies are modern art. Kim helped make it okay to love yourself and express it through photos. While some may criticize selfies, as a narcissistic form of expression. Kim proves that sometimes it’s okay to be a little selfish. She shows that there’s nothing wrong with being a little vain. If you’re feeling your look and the lighting it right, then take a selfie. Kim never apologizes for her selfies, and neither should you.

Through this month long photo challenge I’ve learned a lot about myself and my selfie skills. First that it’s hard to get Kim’s angles. We both have different angles that work for us, so it’s difficult to match our angles. Secondly that lighting really is everything. Lighting can make or break a selfie. Lastly that makeup is an art. I have so much respect for people who can apply makeup. Kim’s glam squad always make her look amazing. I unfortunately have no glam squad and know nothing about makeup. Thankfully, we live in an age where technology can fix whatever problem you have. All my makeup is courtesy of You Cam MakeUp app. I wish I could have done my own makeup, unfortunately I know nothing about lashes, contour, and brow filling.

My KIMmay photo challenge is an art project paying homage to one of the world’s biggest stars. Kim gives me life, humour, and confidence. She is everything. Kim is a cultural icon that transcends fashion and art and deserves to be immortalized on my Instagram.

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