The Summer Love Challenge


Summer is officially here! And with the hot weather, frozen treats, beach bods, and short shorts comes the prospect of a summer fling. Summer is the prefect time to meet a cute boy, take trips to the beach, sip on sangria at a patio somewhere, and then have hot steamy sex with. The weather is amazing so you can rock cute shorts and a tank top, but it’s also a short period to have light casual fun with someone. And if by September you don’t want to get boo’d up then you can simply cut the person loose. No hurt feelings, well it depends on the person. There might be some hurt feelings.

Sadly I’ve spent the last 23 summers boy-less, forced to watch as others partake in the cute summer love activities I wish I could do. But this year is different. I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines watching as others get to do all those lovey dovey things Nicholas Sparks writes about. So I’m starting the Summer Love Challenge.

My dear friend JLT and I are both ready to get bit my the love bug. Don’t get me wrong I’m not looking to find my true love, I just want a cute boy to Netflix and Chill with. And for the record JLT and I are not hideous beasts who can’t find a guy. We’re both young, hot thangs, with asses that just won’t quit. It’s just that we have trouble finding quality guys. We both tend to be lazy and bored with boys and end up bailing before the first date. So this Summer Love challenge is perfect for us, as it forces us to go out and meet new people.

The Rules 

Both of us have to go on a minimum of five dates before the summer ends. I know five may seem like a small number but, there’s only 3 months left of summer and we both have previous engagements planned so really there are only a few free weeks left. The date can be anything from dinner, coffee, or a nice walk on the beach and has to last a minimum of 30 minutes. Sadly random hookups do not count. All five dates can be with the same person, but it’s preferred to have 5 separate guys.

It’s time to start swiping through Tinder and scrolling through Grindr. Of course I will be blogging my progress through this three month long challenge. Wish me luck, and if they’re any single hot daddies out there hit me up.

So here’s to a happy, hot, and hopefully steamy summer.

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