Todrick Hall is Back at it Again

Damn Todrick! Back at it again with the amazing videos.

In case you’re a total friendless loser with no access to the internet, Todrick Hall is an amazing YouTuber who creates these totally outrageous and completely jaw dropping videos. His latest video is one for the books. “Britney and the Beast” is a totally genius 8 min musical that combines the iconic music of the legendary Britney Spears to Beauty and the Beast.

I’m in literal awe. How does Todrick even come up with these videos. Mixing my love of Disney and Britney?! Todrick is a man after my heart. Seriously though what is his production budget. Those costumes are flawless. And who knew Britney’s sexy, fun, and party lyrics would fit so well into the story of Beauty and the Beast. Though I’m not sure Walt Disney would approve of “Work Bitch”, I’m sure he’s somewhere looking down on Todrick and smiling knowing that his legacy lives on. And I hope Britney sees this!

Todrick is no stranger to mixing pop stars and Disney films. In the past he made videos for Beyoncé and Cinderalla, Katy Perry and Peter Pan, and Taylor Swift and Alice in  Wonderland. I can only imagine what he has planned next. Maybe Rihanna and the Princess and the Frog, or Justin Bieber and Aladdin, or even Lady Gaga and The Little Mermaid. I can totally see Ariel singing “Speachless” when Ursula steals her voice. Make this happen Todrick!

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