7 Times Britney Spears Was Unintentionally Shady

photo courtesy of idolator.com

photo courtesy of idolator.com

Britney Spears has been in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years and while some people may get caught up in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood she has always remained the same charming southern girl she’s always been. Spears who recently released her ninth studio album Glory, which is totally iconic, has spent the majority of her career staying in her lane and minding her business. Yes she has had the occasional feud rumour (i.e. Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Justin Timberlake) but for the most part those “feuds” seem to be just tabloid fodder. Now Spears’ media reputation may seem all sunshine and rainbows , especially after her infamous 2007 career “break”, but like she said in 2000 she’s “not that innocent”. Britney may not intentionally talk shit about other celebrities, but she has been known to throw a little shade. Britney proves that while she is a sweet southern belle, she can be a shady bitch when she needs to be. It’s Britney bitch, and don’t mess with her.

1. The Time She Thought Ryan Seacrest was Gay

The Tea: Back in 2013 Brit did an interview with Ryan Seacrest and Will I Am for her Britney Jean album. For some reason the interview is becoming popular now. In it Will I Am and Ryan Seacrest are talking about spraying cologne on their girlfriends pillow or something. (I’m confused. I think it has to do with Britney’s song “Perfume”). In the clip though you see Britney mouth “girl” and is clearly confused since she thought Ryan was gay.

My thoughts: Truthfully I don’t believe Britney was trying to be mean or shady, she was just surprised that Ryan Seacrest is into girls. It’s not too shocking since she’s not the first person to think it. Don’t worry girl, we all thought it too.

2. When She Didn’t Know who Colton Haynes Was https://www.instagram.com/p/BJPgclJA4uQ/?taken-by=coltonlhaynes

The Tea: Recently actor and sex god Colton Haynes witnessed Godney live at her Las Vegas show. The actor was even lucky enough to be brought on stage and get whipped by Britney herself, a privilege I would sacrifice my whole family for. Anyways Britney being the adorably person she is had no idea who Haynes was and even asked him for his name. Oh Britney.

My Thoughts: In defence of Britney, Colton Haynes isn’t an A-List celebrity. True I do think he is a star on the rise, but he’s no Brad Pitt. Britney really wouldn’t know who he is considering she’s not a teenage girl or gay guy and dreams about Colton in his Arrow costume. Colton should be honoured to have shared the same stage with Britney and at least she complimented he ass.

3. The Time She Forgot She Met Taylor Swift 

The Tea: Recently in an interview Britney was asked who she would rather sit next to on a flight: Taylor Swift or Katy Perry. Britney answered Taylor Swift since she has “never met her before”.  Here’s the thing though, Britney has met Taylor before; twice. They met back in 2008 at the MTV VMAs and in 2003 at Britney’s performing arts camp.

  1. 0d4727eb149aad2d_GettyImages-82710885

    photo courtesy of Getty / Kevin Mazur


My Thoughts: Okay so this looks a little shady, especially since this happened when Kim Kardashian West “exposed” Taylor Swift. But this could be an honest mistake. Britney meets a lot of people and this photo was taken in 2008 before Taylor Swift blew up. Britney just thought she was taking a picture with a loyal fan.

4. When She Liked an Unfavourable Photo of Iggy Azalea

The Tea: Okay remember Britney and Iggy’s less than stellar duet “Pretty Girls”, if you don’t it’s fine I’m trying to forget it myself. Well it seems that Britney liked a photo on Instagram of the song artwork but with a trash bag as Iggy.





photo courtesy of HollywoodLife.com


This may have cause Iggy to diss Britney’s lack of promotion for the song not ignoring being successful. That then cause Britney to send a not so subtle tweet about Iggy’s tour being cancelled.

My Thoughts: Okay so maybe Britney was being a little shady here. It could be that she didn’t notice the photoshopped picture of Iggy and liked the photo because she thought it was promoting her single. Or it could be she liked it because she thought it was funny. I like to believe this is Britney being her adorable clueless self.


5. When She Ignored Miley Cyrus  

The Tea: At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards Miley Cyrus presented her  “hero” Britney with the coveted Ultimate Choice award. While accepting the award it looks like Britney ignores Miley even after Miley had such kind words to say about her.

My Thoughts: So I don’t believe Britney was being shady to Miley. It’s hard to tell in the video if Miley was going for a hug or directing Britney off stage. It’s clear that Britney said nothing to Miley. I believe Britney just wanted to accept her award and go. She probably had some fried chicken waiting.  Since then Britney and Miley are good friends and even collaborated together, so this is probably nothing.

6. The Time She Mispronounced Kesha’s Name

The Tea: When Britney was on the X-Factor she was critiquing a contestant and comparing them to Kesha but called her Keisha instead. This is pretty bad since Britney and Kesha have worked together in the past and Kesha has written songs for her. Uh oh.


My Thoughts: well everyone makes mistakes.

7. When She Made This Face to Fifth Harmony 

The Tea: Again on the X factor Britney was a little shocked when the now popular girl group Fifth Harmony were safe from elimination. Her face says everything.


My Thoughts: Britney’s facial reactions were the best thing to ever come from The X Factor and Fifth Harmony are slaying now so there’s no hard feelings right?

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