Why We Need to Stand With Kim Kardashian-West

News broke earlier today that Kim Kardashian-West was held at gunpoint and robbed in her Paris hotel. West was celebrating Paris Fashion Week with her family and friends when five armed men entered her hotel suite, tied her up, and stole around $10 million worth of jewelry early Monday morning.

According to reports Kim is physically unharmed but is badly shaken. She has since left Paris and is currently in New York City with her family. New details of the robbery are being released ongoing, with reports stating that the robbers dressed as policemen and that Kardashian-West was gagged and locked in the bathroom fearing death and rape.

Now you would think after an ordeal like this people would feel somewhat sympathetic towards Kardashian-West. However we live in the age of internet trolls and empathy is as common as good vegan food.


Soon after news of the attack broke people quickly took to social media to call out Kardashian-West. People quickly began victim-blaming her saying that she deserved it because she flaunts her lifestyle on social media. Or that it’s karma because she’s such “terrible person”. It’s interesting to not that people in France were ready to pounce on Kim.


English: Kim Kardashian you came to Paris and you were assaulted? Who invited you?


English: Serves you right, Kim Kardashian. You got the evil eye by being a bad person.TMZ account

It’s truly shocking to see some of the things being said about Kardashian-West. I realize that she isn’t the most liked celebrity in the world and people love to chirp about her fame, narcissism, body, and family, but let’s get one thing straight: Kim Kardashian-West was attacked in her home. A gun was put to her head as she was tied up and locked in a bathroom and then robbed. Can you imagine masked men entering your home with guns and physically restraining you? If you read the account of the events you can see how terrifying the whole ordeal really was.

You don’t have to be a fan of the Kardashians or even support them to know what happened to Kim was wrong. Did Kim deserve what happened to her? Hell-To-The-No. Yes Kim has an affluent life, which she does broadcast of social media, but that doesn’t mean she deserved to be traumatized in that way. Yes, she has millions of dollars and the stolen jewelry probably doesn’t amount to much in comparison to her vast fortune, but it still doesn’t make what happened to her okay.

I am aware that there are more important news stories than Kim being robbed, but again we should blame the media for devoting so much time to the story than Kim herself.  The media is only covering the story because we as society are feeding into it. This issue is bigger than Kim and really questions society’s fascination and desire of celebrity culture.

People also denounced the attack as being fake and staged for ratings on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. While I do believe there are a lot of things the Kardashians will do for fame, I highly doubt they would create a fake attack like this. Firstly Kim is a huge advocate for gun control and with the recent shooting taking place in the media I doubt she would create a fake gun story.

People even went on to hate on Kanye West for leaving his concert early. Yes, let’s all hate a man for leaving his job early to be with his wife that was just attacked. It sucks that people paid money to see him perform, but he really did have a family emergency.

I’ll be the first one to admit that as much as I love Kim she isn’t perfect. She can be problematic at times, but she doesn’t deserve the hatred she is receiving. Kim is a victim in this scenario and we really should all show some compassion to her. It’s a shame to see society turn on someone who was attacked because they share a different lifestyle, values, and beliefs.

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