The Ultimate Ranking of Taylor Swift’s Male Leads


There’s no denying that Taylor Swift is taking over the music industry. From her amazing album sales, sold out concerts, and A-lister duets, she is one of music’s top stars. But lately Taylor is stepping up her music video game. With the release of her album 1989 Taylor has been changing her music video style. Perhaps it’s the addition of director Joseph Khan to her team, but Taylor’s last few videos have been totally iconic. Now don’t get me wrong Taylor has always had amazing music videos, but she’s reaching a whole new level of iconic. Bad Blood music video anyone? But the majority of Taylor’s video have a common denominator. The mostly feature a young attractive male lead. Whether they’re cheating on her or buying her flowers Taylor knows how to cast a hottie in her music video. And after spending the last 2 hours watching non-stop Taylor Swift music videos I’ve decided to rank all Taylor’s onscreen lovers. Because I’m more than qualified to rank hot boys.

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