The Ultimate Summer ’16 Playlist

Song of the Summer is probably one of the highest achievements an artist can achieve. It’s just under getting a Grammy and being asked to join Taylor Swift’s squad. And with every summer season comes a plethora of contenders all vying for the coveted title of song of the summer. And it seems Summer ’16 is full of many contestants. All of these songs are perfect for summer. Their fun, dancy, and sexual. And really what more can do you want in a song? So I’ve comprised a list of the best potential songs of the summer. So who will join the ranks of “California Gurls”, “Call Me Maybe”, and “Can’t Feel My Face”? We’ll have to wait till September to find out.

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Rihanna Brought her Anti World Tour to Toronto and It Was Everything

photo courtesy of Ticketmaster

photo courtesy of Ticketmaster

Thursday April 14, 2016 was an historic day for Toronto. The Queen of Barbados and badassery Rihanna brought her Anti World Tour to the Six and literally slayed the entire Air Canada Centre. The mass slayage needs to be documented for historic purposes.

How do I even begin to describe Rihanna’s Anti tour? The Anti world tour is everything you could ever want from a concert. There were theatrics, beautiful costumes, heartfelt vocals, party anthems, and a few surprises. Rihanna proves that she is a force to be reckoned with. People forget how many hit songs Rihanna has had. No seriously think about all the songs she released, and then all her collaborations. Rihanna could do a whole concert just performing her greatest hits and it would be amazing.


The best part of the show was the set list. It was complete fire. I personally loved the way she divided up the songs. Rihanna would sing a set of three to four songs then take a little break change costumes and come back and sing some more. She started the show with her slow ballads (“Stay”, “Love The Way You Lie Part 2”), then sang some sex tunes(“Sex With Me”,  “Woo”)then her bad bitch anthems (“Bitch Better Have My Money”, “Pour It Up”), an incredible medley of her features (“Live Your Life”, “Run This Town”), her island tunes (“Rude Boy” “Work”), her club bangers (“We Found Love”, “Where Have You Been”), and then more slow jams (“FourFiveSeconds”, “Kiss It Better). The song division was a genius move and proves how versatile Rihanna is as an artist. She can sing everything from slow love ballads, EDM style pop bangers, and twerking music.


Another big aspect of the show was RiRi’s costumes. Rihanna is a fashion icon so you know her onstage outfits were going to be lit. Rihanna chose to have a more subtle wardrobe opting for simple earth tones. That being said she was still sexy AF. Seeing her silhouette in a see-through sequinned jumpsuit screams sex appeal. Too be honest Rihanna would look good in anything. Even her oversized brown suit was sexier than most people could even dream of achieving in their lives.

While Rihanna’s vocals and dancing was superb, her theatrics were toned down. She really held back, opting for an all white stage, a few dancers, and a couple of visuals. While other pop stars pull out all the stops to make their concerts entertaining, Rihanna understands that less is more. Everything about the tour was simplistic and toned down, and it was perfect. Rihanna doesn’t need elaborate theatrics and crazy background dancers, or pyros. She just needs to belt on some songs in an amazing outfit.


But of course the moment everyone was talking about was when the Six God himself Drake made a surprise appearance. While there were rumours of Drake surprising the audience I had my doubts, considering he didn’t show up to the April 13 show. But Champagne Papi came through to his Toronto followers. The whole stadium went off when Drake came out. Bad Gal Riri twerked on Champagne Papi as the two sang “Work”. Seriously, they were absolutely adorable. Drake’s facial expressions as Rihanna twerked on him was to die for. Can these two just marry each other and Nicki Minaj can be the flower girl and Jay Z officiate the wedding?

After their jaw-dropping performance, Rihanna was gracious enough to let Drake perform two songs “One Dance” and “Jumpman”. And of course the crowd was living for it.


For me I was mesmerized with watching Rihanna perform. Rihanna just has amazing swagger. She has that intangible “It” factor. Her badass attitude shone throughout her performance. I was freaking out just watching her strut across the stage. She truly is the kind of flawless we all wish we could be.

As an avid concert goer I would give this concert a solid A. I judge concerts based on the atmosphere and the environment. Rihanna put on an amazing show that had the crowd twerking, singing along, dutty wining, and crying. It’s time that Bad Gal graduate to Bad Queen. Keeping on slaying all the other cities on the Anti Tour hunty.


20 Things I Learned Reading Becoming Beyoncé



As part of my whole “new year, new me” resolution, I’ve decided to revive my love of reading. Reading is something I’ve always enjoyed as a kid. I mean every millennial kid completely devoured young adult novels like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Gossip Girl. But over the years I’ve noticed myself putting down the books and picking up my television remote. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to watch copious amounts of TV, but one of my new year’s resolutions is to Netflix less and read more. So for my first book of the new year I chose none other than the Queen Bey’s biography, or as I like to call it: her Bey-ography.

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All The Musical Covers Featured on Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy So Far


Grey’s Anatomy has always been known for their exquisite musical taste. Whether it’s an upbeat indie pop song and tearjerking ballad Shonda Rhimes always knows the best song to play background for the drama at Grey Sloan Memorial. Who could forget the iconic musical episode of season seven? Till this day I cannot listen to The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” or “Chasing Cars” from Snow Patrol without bursting into tears. Thanks Ms. Rhimes. However you may have noticed that this season of Grey’s Anatomy features something different. The music supervisors on the show have spiced things up and decided to use covers as the soundtrack to everyone’s favourite doctors.

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Pop Divas as Starbucks Frappuccinos



Frappuccinos are a summer staple at Starbucks. Everyone rushes to the nearest Starbucks for these cool sugary drinks. And as a barista I may loathe making frapps I can’t deny that they are refreshing and delicious. But what could possibly make these high-in-calorie delectable treats better? By adding a little pop!  Being the stellar barista and pop culture enthusiast I am, I came up with six special frappuccinos based on today’s biggest pop divas. They are all equally sweet and amazing so you better try them all. Enjoy!

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