Todrick Hall is Back at it Again

Damn Todrick! Back at it again with the amazing videos.

In case you’re a total friendless loser with no access to the internet, Todrick Hall is an amazing YouTuber who creates these totally outrageous and completely jaw dropping videos. His latest video is one for the books. “Britney and the Beast” is a totally genius 8 min musical that combines the iconic music of the legendary Britney Spears to Beauty and the Beast.

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The Five Annoying Holiday Travellers

Christmas is just shy of a week away which means one thing, yes a week to presents, but also airports and bus/train stations will be packed with travellers. The holiday season is a prime travelling time. People are all rushing to get home for Christmas, while others are trying to flee to hotter destinations. Whether you’re returning home for Christmas or avoiding your family. It’s clear that airports will be jam packed. If you’re lucky, or unfortunate depending on your point of view, to be travelling this holiday season you’re bound to run into one of these travelling archetypes. In the video below there are five types of annoying travellers described. So if you are travelling this season watch out for them, because nothing can ruin a holiday vacation than an annoying traveller.

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